Welcome to NSRE

I have been in various roles over the last 38 years in the field of facilities maintenance and have a passion for improving processes. If you are interested in how I may be able to help your company improve your facility maintenance process, and/or technician performance and engagement, please complete the contact form in the side bar.

It is very rewarding to have lift off of a new process, like these geese on the Scioto River, but there are many things that have to happen prior to this lift off for a successful process improvement change. Here are a few of the key activities that should be completed:

  • Align on goals
  • Map current process
  • Identify where the current process can be improved to achieve goals
  • Assign ownership
  • Develop change management strategy

Once there is lift off, again like these geese, there has to be a leader fully committed to the ongoing journey with the ability and authority to make needed adjustments.

Another critical aspect of any process improvement is root cause analysis and/or an understanding of cause and effect. A project that addresses a symptom versus the cause can lead to wasted effort when the improvement does not deliver the expected outcome.